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The company AGRO-MOBIL doo Guca was founded 01.04.1992. The basic activity is the production, finishing and disposal of seed and mercantile potatoes, the import of seed potatoes class E and class A etc.

There are 12 employees in AGRO-MOBIL
The organizational structure of the company is cooperation as in the Dutch companies from this branch. That means that the production is acomplished on the farmers’ estates and AGRO-MOBIL provides raw materials for the potato production and the expert help for its farmers.

We cooperate on regular basis with 60 farmers, who are involved in making business decisions and who are in practice, the basic company cells. AGRO-MOBIL takes care of the storage of goods, preservation, finishing, sale, marketing, farm equipment with mechanization – machines and tractors.


The special attention is given to the employees’ and farmers’ training. During the PSO project (2002-2004) – Project of the multiplication of the certified seed potatoes, the experts from NAK, AGRIPLAN, AGRICO worked with us solving the practical problems of production, protection and preservation of potatoes. Six employees of AGRO-MOBIL finished a mini-school in Dronten, the Netherlands. With the help of the Dutch PUM organization we have continued the cooperation with the experts of NAK.


If we take into consideration that we are technically very well equiped, the emphasis is put on the acquirement of the necessary knowledge for the production of the healthy seed. The training of employees in AGRO-MOBIL and the training of our farmers is of the greatest importance, and for that purpose we have continued the cooperation with the Dutch companies.

The purchase of equipment, machines and mechanization for the farmers, is the task which we have succesfully started, with the cooperation with the Raiffeisen Bank. The plot consolidation is very important and our goal is that a framer in 5 years possesses 30-50 hectares of cultivable soil.


The most important step in the development was made by the donation of the Dutch Government in the PSO project, which was achieved in the period 2002 -2004. The Dutch companies AGRICO, NAK, AGROVENT, AGRIPLAN and OLDENHUISPRINSENwere involved in the project. The most modern machines for the land preparation, sowing, growing and extracting of potatoes were provided. AGRO-MOBIL has built a modern pallet warehouse for potatoes of 1000 m2, from its own resources. Thus, now we possess an 1800 m2 warehouse in which we have installed computer equipment for ventilation and air conditioning.

Thanks to such a perfect way of preservation, big savings are achieved, and goods stay fresh till June. Potatoes are put in wooden trunk pallets in the field, where they are preserved. In the warehouse the transportation, vertical as well as horizontal, is done with fork-lift trucks, thus there is practically no hard physical work.

The machines for reception, finishing selection and packaging are also modern. Grading line is full automatic, very fast and perfect calibration with the capacity of 21 tons per hour. The automatic machine for packaging is computerized and it has excellent possibilities for packaging from 2.5 kg to 30 kg, with the capacity of 8 tons per hour. All the goods, either the seed or mercantile potatoes, are packed on the pallets and thus they are delivered to the customers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania.


In 2006 and 2007, AGRO-MOBIL was the biggest producer of the commerical seeds , as well as the biggest importer of the basic seeds. 1500 tons of seeds and the same quantity of mercantile potatoes are produced.

Thanks to the succesful realization of the PSO project, yields on the farmers’ estates reach the limit of dreams – 50 tons per hectare. Now, the average is 35 tons, which is outstanding, if we consider the average yield in Serbia of 12 tons per hectare.




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